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Among the Largest MVC Desalination Plants in Chile

CS_chileLike all coal-fired power plants, those in Chile need a reliable and economical source of high quality water. But with remote locations, tough working environments and the need to meet strict safety and environmental requirements, there aren’t many solutions that meet this challenge. With a remarkable record for simple and economical operation with low energy consumption, IDE’s Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) is an ideal pure water solution for refineries, water-consuming industries, power stations and even remote tourist sites. These units are suitable for use anywhere that a stable and reliable source of clean water is critical for success and growth.

As a result of our successful partnerships in Chile, IDE was awarded a second MVC plant by E-CL (part of the Suez Group) and two further plants by AES Norgener. These new plants were chosen for their dependability and high energy efficiency, providing increased capacity of high quality desalinated water to the coal-fired power plants.




Technological leadership – optimized design for highly efficient operation with low energy consumption

Reliable track record – successful uninterrupted operation for decades

High availability – >98%

E-CL Electroandina BIG

"Chile projects - Remarkably simple, flexible and economical desalination solutions"

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