Sarlux Desalination Plant

A showcase MVC plant for the desalination industry

Sarlux Desalination Plant

The Sarlux Desalination Plant Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) plant is the second largest in Europe and converts heavy oils (tar) into electricity, which is then fed into the Italian State Grid. A reliable and stable source of high purity, de-aerated water was needed to operate the largest Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) plant efficiently.

IDE’s MVC solution has a remarkable record for simple and economical operation at low electrical consumption and is ideal where a stable and reliable source of pure water is critical for success.


Capacity: 17,280 m3/day
Technology: Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC)
Project Type: Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC)
Location: Sardinia, Italy
Footprint: 35m x 70m
Commission Date: 1999


Track record – continuous successful operation for over 15 years

Technological leadership:

  • Optimized design results in highly cost-effective, reliable operation with low energy consumption
  • Option for use of steam power to supplement electricity further reduces operating costs

"IDE’s MVC - a remarkable record for simple and economical operation at low energy consumption"

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