Sorek Desalination Plant

The World’s Largest and Most Advanced  SWRO Desalination Plant

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Sorek Desalination Plant

The Sorek desalination plant sets significant new industry benchmarks in desalination technology, capacity and water cost. It provides clean, potable water for over 1.5 million people, comprising 20% of the municipal water demand in Israel, thus alleviating the country’s potable water shortage while minimizing the impact on terrestrial and marine environments.


Sorek Desalination Membranes

Capacity: 624,000 m³/day (26,000 m³/hour)
Technology: Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Project Type: Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)
Location: Sorek, Israel
Footprint: 100,000 m² (10 ha)
Commission Date: 2013


Sorek Desalination Plant Israel

Technological leadership – innovative design incorporating vertical arrangement of 16” membranes in a large-scale facility, resulting in a reduced footprint hence saving costs. Also utilizes IDE’s proprietary Pressure Center Design, Double Line Intake and ERS (Energy Recovery System) for increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Competitive pricing – sets a new benchmark for low cost of desalinated water in BOT projects.

Environmental responsibility – minimizes marine, shoreline and land impacts thanks to pipe jacking of long and large diameter pipelines, smart structural design and sludge treatment for reduced energy and chemical consumption.

"Sorek is the largest and most advanced SWRO desalination plant in the world"

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