Executive Vice Governor of Shandong Visits IDE’s Desalination Plant in Sorek, Israel

_MG_6799On Monday November 3rd, IDE led the Executive Vice Governor of the Shandong province, Mr. Sun Wei, and his delegation on a tour of the Sorek Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant. Sorek, the world’s largest and most advanced SWRO desalination plant, provides clean, potable water for over 1.5 million people in Israel. Mr. Roni Klein, IDE’s Global Sales Director, Eastern Hemisphere, discussed IDE’s leading position in the SWRO sector, the plant’s innovative design, and the potential for desalination, wastewater treatment and water reuse in Shandong due to the province’s severe water shortage challenge.

During the visit, Mr. S_MG_6542un and his delegation also witnessed the signing of a brine treatment contract by Mr. Bruno Escojido, IDE’s Executive VP, Sales & Marketing, and Mr. Yang, Chairman of Shandong.

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