Join IDE executives and leading technical experts for short Water Talk sessions at IDE’s booth (B2-Q22) and learn about the latest water treatment technologies, innovations and trends. Drinks and appetizers will be served after each session.

Monday, July 9

  • 15:30
    From Dependent to Independent in a Decade – The Israel Success Story (Lihy Teuerstein)
  • 15:50
    Challenges of Boron Removal in SWRO for the Semiconductor Industry (Chen Rosenfeld)
  • 16:10
    Cooling Tower Blow-Down Recovery by Brine Desalter (Jacky Ben-Yaish)

Tuesday, July 10

  • 15:00
    The Way to Easy Permitting is Chemical Free Seawater Desalination (Dr. Boris Liberman)
  • 15:20
    Case Study of Modular Approach in Desalination (Chen Rosenfeld)
  • 15:40
    Brine Minimization in Mining using MAXH2O (Jacky Ben-Yaish)
  • 16:00
    案例分析—油气田采出循环水热法脱盐处理 (Wang Shuangcheng)

Wednesday, July 11

  • 11:30
    Cost Effective Pretreatment using Spot Cleaner (Dr. Boris Liberman)
  • 11:50
    Case Study of India’s Largest SWRO Plant (Jacky Ben-Yaish)
  • 12:10
    Case Study of Large Scale Desalination for the Australian Mining Industry (Roni Klein)
  • 14:30
    The New Chemical Free Way to Prevent Scaling and Fouling in a High Recovery RO Process (Dr. Boris Liberman – Cassia 3201AB, Level 3)
  • 14:45
    Alternative Approach for Municipal Water Reuse – Pilot Results (Jacky Ben-Yaish – Cassia 3301AB, Level 3)

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