Global Water Summit 2014

Each year, the coveted Global Water Awards are presented at the Global Water Summit, the major business conference for the water industry worldwide. The Awards acknowledge the most important achievements in the international water industry within several categories.

IDE is a bronze sponsor at this industry-leading event, and has been shortlisted for two Global Water Awards – Desalination Company of the Year and Desalination Plant of the Year. Global Water Intelligence (GWI) cited that, “IDE continues to innovate in order to meet the demands of its clients,” and that the company’s initiatives “will ensure that IDE remains at the cutting edge of the desalination industry for at least another four decades.”

The theme of this year’s Global Water Summit is “Water for Growth”. It reflects the fact that water is not just necessary to facilitate economic expansion, but that the productivity gains that can be achieved through new technologies, better operational practices, and inspired leadership mean that water can be an engine of growth in itself, for cities and for businesses.

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