Amnon Levy

With twenty years of experience in the water industry, Amnon Levy has been an active participant in both the proposal and construction processes of the company’s largest projects. He has participated in many JV and collaboration projects, and brings a unique combination of innovative thinking, business sense and engineering know-how to the projects. He was a member of the project management of IDE’s large scale plants at Ashkelon, Hadera, Sorek and Carlsbad, all of which have won awards. Amnon has also been on the steering committees for the implementation of major internal processes such as ERP and PLM systems, as well as pioneered the IDE PROGREEN™ environmentally friendly line of products that do not use chemicals in pretreatment and RO stages. Amnon holds B.Sc and M.Sc degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics, respectively, as well as an Executive MBA.

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