Gal Zohar

Mr. Zohar joined IDE in 2010 as its CFO, responsible for managing all financial, commercial, accounting, pricing and reporting matters in the Group. He is also responsible for financing of the Company’s projects and those of its subsidiaries, as well as insurance control and risk management. Mr. Zohar also serves as director of subsidiaries in the Group, and takes an active part in the management of the company’s BOT activity, tenders and new business development. Prior to IDE, Mr. Zohar served as VP of one of Israel’s largest gas distribution companies, where he acquired vast experience in all aspects of financial management, including fundraising, acquisitions, share issues and the handling of tenders.

Mr. Zohar graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem with a BA majoring in economics and accounting, after which he completed his specialization in accounting and was certified as a CPA by the Israel Auditors’ Council. He also holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

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