Ziv Shor

Ziv joined IDE in 2008 as a Project Manager, and prior to his appointment as VP Projects, served as Director for Water Infrastructure for North and Latin America. In the latter position, Ziv was responsible for developing and maintaining IDE capabilities in the region for partnering with Contractors for EPC projects, and managing and leading solution development processes for strategic EPC projects. Before joining IDE, Ziv served as a project manager for a large supplier of alternate and renewable energy, managing projects in Recovered Energy Generation Department.

Ziv Shor brings a wealth of project management experience in the field of water treatment to the table, including the development of large-scale projects from the negotiation stage through execution and commissioning, management of design teams, risk management, management of procurement, budget control and management, customer support. In addition to managing the Carlsbad Desalination Plant project in the US, which has proven a game changer for desalination in the US market, Ziv has managed or been involved in several other small to mega-size thermal and membrane technology-based projects. Ziv holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and an Executive MBA from Tel Aviv University.

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