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As always, there’s a lot going on all over the company. In another edition of our newsletter, we are bringing you a taste of what’s been happening in the past few months.

As the Carlsbad project quickly progresses through its milestones, and preparation for the  operational phase begins, we offer you some of the details about why this project is so unique and important to IDE. Project Manager Ziv Shor spoke to us, so click here to read what he has to say about this fascinating endeavor.

A first of its kind pilot for Reliance is underway in Jamnagar, India‎. The project’s manager and process engineers sat down with us to give us some behind the scenes info about this unique undertaking. You can read more here.

In other coverage, you can find out more about our annual global sales conference, which was held in Israel in February.

As always, our employees provide us with a lot to read about. Click here to learn about a fascinating journey that two of our employees took up one of the world’s highest mountains; and click here to get an up close and personal look at the Thermal Process team.

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Location Vasilikos power plant-Cyprus
Project Scope Turn Key Supply of permanent SWRO desalination plant capable of producing 60,000 m^3/day of drinking water
Client EAC – Electricity Authority of Cyprus
Contractual Dates Effective Date : 28-February-2013

T.O.C Dated 1.8.2013
Project Manager Tsafrir Ben-Shlomo
Project Status Rood Developments & Punch list

00071 KohSichang Island-Modular RO

Location KohSichang, Thailand
Project Scope ProGreen Generic 20’ skided 1,000 m3/d SWRO
Client FLUID
Contractual Dates Effective Date : Contract signature September 29th 2013)

Delivery Date: FOB Israel End of Jan 2014, 16 weeks from contract signature
Project Manager Tal Oz-Ari
Project Status Design & Construction

00069 SanSha Island- Modular RO

Location Sansha Island, South China SEA
Project Scope ProGreen 500 m3/d SWRO plant Second Pass and Post treatment
Client BEWG - Beijing Enterprise Water Group
Contractual Dates Effective Date : October 29th 2013

Delivery Date: FOB Israel 4 month, End of Feb 2014
Project Manager Tal Oz-Ari
Project Status Construction

00044 Akshukur 1,000m3/d-Modular RO

Location Akshukur, Kazakhstan
Project Scope Supply (FOB) Supervise installation & commissioning of 1,000 m3/d BWRO
Contractual Dates Effective Date : June 17th 2013

FOB Date: Feb 2014
Project Manager Tal Oz-Ari
Project Status Completed, Tested & Waiting for client to complete infrastructure on site

Hayman Island 1,000 m3/d-Modular RO

Location Hayman Island, Australia
Project Scope Delivery to site including permits, installation support and commissioning of 1,000 m3/d SWRO plant
Contractual Dates On site Date: Commissioning date Feb-March 2014
Project Manager Tal Oz-Ari
Project Status Testing & Packing before delivery to the Island


Location Jamnagar, India
Project Scope Supply 3 MED unit of 24,000 m^3/d, spare motors & mobile acid cleaning skid
Client Reliance Industries Limited, Mumbai India
Contractual Dates Effective date : 05-Apr-13

FOB dates :
Unit 1 – 05-May-14
Unit 2 – 05-Aug-14
Unit 3 – 05-Nov-14
Project Manager Dror Ayal
Project Status Manufacturing & purchasing

Andritz -MVC

Location Tocopilla, Chile
Project Scope FOB Supply 2 * 600 m3/day MVC + 2 years Spare parts
Client Andritz Energy & Environment GmBH
Contractual Dates Effective Date : 21-November-2012

FOB Date : 21-November-2013
Project Manager Ron Neulander
Project Status Shipped to client


Location Jamnagar, Gujarat state, India
Project Scope Design & equipment supply (FOB) for 7,000 m3/hr SWRO plant
Client Reliance Industries Ltd
Contractual Dates Effective Date : 24-June-2013

Equipment & design deliverables to be delivered up to 19 months from effective date
Project Manager Avi Amitai, Tsafrir Ben-Shlomo
Project Status Design & Equipment procurement in progress

Black Fox-MVC

Location Tocopilla, Chile
Project Scope FOB Supply 985 m3/day + 2 years Spare parts, Spare set of blades
Client E-CL
Contractual Dates Effective Date : 06-May-2013

FOB Date : 31-Aug-2014
Project Manager Ron Neulander
Project Status Manufacturing

PACO Panama -MVC

Location Punta Rincon, Province of Colon, Panama
Project Scope FOB Supply 2 * 960 m3/day MVC + Intake pumps and sand filters
Client SK E&C Korea
Contractual Dates Effective Date : 01-April-2013

FOB Date : 15-June-2014
Project Manager Ron Neulander
Project Status Manufacturing


Location California USA
Project Scope The scope of this project is to construct a 18,250 MG/year reverse osmosis (RO) seawater desalination facility
Client Kiewit Shea Desalination (KSD), Carlsbad California USA
Contractual Dates Effective Date : 28-Dec-2012

Contractual CPM Schedule is 35 month schedule

Aiming to stabilized 31 month schedule (currently 14-Aug-2015)
Project Manager Ziv Shor
Project Status 90% Design & under Construction