A New Brand

In October 2013, we launched the new IDE brand, both internally to employees and to the industry at large, at IDA in Tianjin, China.

The goal of the rebranding process is to reflect the evolution of IDE into a modern water company, and to differentiate ourselves in a very competitive market. As part of the process, IDE conducted intensive research to understand ‎customer needs and perceptions of the IDE brand. Results showed that while our brand was strong, there was room for improvement.

The new brand is all about positioning ourselves to our customers not only as experts in seawater desalination, but also as “Your Water Partners”. The partnership we’re aiming for with our customers is to be based on shared commitment to success and growth, and the underlying message we wish to convey is that we are “in this for the long haul”.

Strong partnership naturally needs to be underpinned by strong reasons to believe. At IDE, we believe that our success in being “Your Water Partners” will rely on having the best and most talented people, leading technology, reliable delivery and the finest problem-solving capabilities.


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