New ERP System for IDE

After using an unintegrated legacy ERP system for 23 years, with Finance and Logistics working independently of each other, it was time for modernization. “The old system was not addressing the company’s needs,” explains IT department manager Lizi Gottesman.

In May 2012, IDE chose Medatech’s Priority as its new ERP system. Implementation began immediately, with the first module – Finance – going live in January 2013, and the second – Logistics – going live on July 1. The IT team is now working on stabilizing the system and bringing the rest of the company on board.

Among the advantages of the new system, explains Lizi, is that everyone can easily access the information they need – project managers can follow up on projects at any time, all technical sketches can be maintained in the system, and there is a far higher level of control over all company activities. “Now that we’ve added budgeting to the system,” she adds, “all ordering and purchasing is done in a controlled process, and is directly linked to budget control.”

“While the system is new,” notes Lizi, “people are already starting to understand the benefits of having a complete view of what is going on in their area of activity. In the long term, this will result in savings, as we will be able to identify any potential problems and deviations early on in projects.”

Thanks to everyone who took part in making the process a success.