Social Media

Advertising & Promotion in Social Media

We have received over 422 leads in the 2nd quarter of 2014 (which represents an increase of 16% over last quarter) from various online promotional activities. We have implemented a series of advanced marketing technologies for increased exposure and lead generation, including:

Via this platform, we are “coloring” users at different pages at (Desalination, IWT, Pro-Green and etc.), after coloring those users we start showing relevant message/advertise only to them (according to the solution he was interested at) across the internet at almost every site they visit.This platform enables IDE to “color” visitors to our website according to the specific section of the IDE website that they have visited (desalination, IWT, Pro-Green etc…).   This “coloring” will enable the visitor to receive relevant IDE advertisements and messages across the web, in almost any site that they visit.

Google campaigns
This enables IDE to target our advertising specifically to users who have googled words/topics which are relevant and related to IDE’s industry  (such as “desalination”, “industrial water use” etc.)

LinkedIn is a social network for careers and professional networking. One way IDE is using LinkedIn to is by targeting users by means of two parameters:

1. Targeted professional groups such as:

  • Australian Water Association
  • Coal Seam Gas (CSG/CBM) Professionals (Australia)
  • Oil Sands & Hydraulic Fracturing: Media & Community Relations
  • Canada 2012, Water Technologies, Water treatment and desalination plants
  • Water technology financing and venturing
  • Seawater desalination
  • Desalination
  • Water Treatment Industry Group
  • Innovative Water Utility Solutions

2. Targeted Industries and Job Titles  that are relevant to our industry

Inbound marketing (Taboola)
Taboola is a content platform allowing IDE to promote content by offering users to read articles that are related or relevant  to what they have just read.  Via Taboola, IDE is promoting various Articles/Press Releases/Case Studies and other relevant content by constantly changing and updating our content such as:

  • The World’s Largest and Most Advanced SWRO Desalination Plant
  • Largest Desalination Plant in Western Hemisphere Completes First Year of Construction
  • New Water Desalination Technology Could Change Everything
  • Check Out the Largest Desalination Plant in the Western Hemisphere
  • How Israeli Tech May Alleviate California’s dough Problem

We’re promoting articles about IDE across the web, including at the following websites:

  • Bloomberg
  • Vine News
  • Time Inc.
  • India Today
  • Business Insider
  • TMZ – Mobile
  • USA Today Mobile
  • Daily Mail – AU
  • Business Week
  • Times Of Israel
  • Reuters – US
  • Inquirer

YouTube channel
We all know YouTube, the world’s largest  video social network. On IDE’s YouTube channel, users can find all of IDE’s video, including videos that IDE has “liked” (relevant videos from other channels). Each month, IDE promote different videos according to our strategy, relevant events and targeted audience, that include people who have previously viewed videos in topics such as:

  • Water supply and treatment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Water & Marine Sciences
  • Ecology & Environment