Team in the spotlight

Meet the Electricity, Instrumentation and Control Department‏

What do you do?

We provide services to all existing projects. We support projects from the pre-sales phase, through planning and up to commissioning and handover to clients.

What do they say about you in the company?

That we are very professional and that we take our work very seriously.

What are you proud of?

We are proud of our contribution to the success of IDE projects. We take pride in our professionalism and our ability to bring quality solutions in all areas of our work.

We are a department spanning three different areas, and we know how to work in close collaboration and share our knowledge in the best and most efficient way.

What is unique about the department?

Even though we come from different disciplines, we work well as a team. More over, we enjoy the work atmosphere created by the team – we wait for each other every morning to go and make coffee together, the entire department heads out for lunch at the same time – 11:45, and on occasion, we even enjoy bowling together.

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What’s the secret of your success?

Collaboration and team work.

What else makes your team stand out?

On New Year’s Eve, we dress up as Santa Claus and made a toast.

We have a loudspeaker system made of a pipe and other parts from a plant, with which we announce to the department members that we are headed for lunch.

What would people be surprised to find out about the team?

We have two fishermen and one fish expert on the team.

What is the department’s motto?

“Alcohol improves electricity conduction…”

What do you wish the company?

We wish for the atmosphere to continue to be positive and pleasant and that we sign more projects in North and South America.