IDE’s Sorek Desalination Plant Highlighted as a Top 10 Breakthrough Technology by MIT Technology Review

FRAG2035_copyIDE’s seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant in Sorek, Israel has been hailed among the top 10 breakthrough technologies in 2015 by MIT Technology Review. As the world’s largest modern SWRO desalination plant, Sorek produces up to 627,000 cubic meters of potable water per day, providing approximately 20 percent of the water consumed by the country. Combined with nearby facilities, desalination plants provide 40 percent of the country’s water supply, a figure expected to reach 50 percent by 2016.

“The Sorek plant incorporates a number of engineering improvements that make it more efficient than previous RO fa1 Sorek Overview Photoshop 13 12 02cilities,” MIT Technology Review cited. “It is the first large desalination plant to use pressure tubes that are 16 inches in diameter rather than eight inches,” and “its energy consumption is among the lowest in the world for large-scale desalination plants.”

Published on MIT Technology Review

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