Lt. Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, toured the Sorek desalination plant this week as part of economic development visits between the U.S. and Israel.

news_texasDuring the visit in the Sorek desalination plant Lt. Gov. Patrick was joined by IDE Technologies’ Executive VP and, COO, Amnon Levy.

During the tour, Lt. Gov. Patrick expressed his interest in water scarcity in Israel, water management and desalination techniques, as well as water production costs. He also emphasized the importance of providing continuous water supply to the growing industries as well as citizens in Texas. Lt. Gov. Patrick believes that water supply security is a key component to the economic competitiveness of the state of Texas.

Texas is interested in industrial water treatment (to allow the reuse of industrial water), brackish water treatment and sea water desalination and the technologies involved. Texas industries are increasingly focused on keeping operational costs low and minimizing environmental impact and energy consumption. The selection of key sites for water solutions and the impact to the final cost of water are important considerations for Texas.

Lt. Gov. Patrick joins notable U.S. officials that have visited the plant this year such as U.S. Secretary of Energy, Dr. Ernest Moniz, and Texas Governor, Gregg Abbott.

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