Vice Premier of China Visits IDE’s Desalination Facility in Hadera, Israel

The Vice Premier of the People’s Republic of China, Mrs. Liu Yandong, recently toured IDE’s desalination plant in Hadera, Israel, a flagship of the desalination industry. Mrs. Yandong said that the desalination technology developed by Israel is a great accomplishment and a solution for the country’s water shortage. She added that the growth of the Chinese economy, which is the second largest in the world, confronts China with difficult water shortage challenges, including in thousands of islands in its territory. In addition, Mrs. Yandong recognized the great potential for collaboration in water technologies between China and Israel, which she is keen to develop, expressing that IDE’s extensive knowhow could be applied to China’s water issues. “Innovation is an important part of the Chinese strategy and I am glad to visit in Israel, the start-up and innovation nation,” she added.

FARAG_7560_copyIDE’s CEO, Avshalom Felber, presented the desalination facility to Mrs. Yandong as well as IDE’s operations globally and in China, where IDE built the Tianjin plant, China’s largest desalination plant. Mr. Felber explored IDE’s advanced thermal desalination and reverse osmosis technologies, and the emphasis IDE places on protecting the environment around its operations. “Every day, IDE desalinates three million cubic meters of water across the world,” said Mr. Felber.

FARAG_7969_copyDuring the tour, Mrs. Yandong tasted the desalinated water that emerges from the desalination process. She was accompanied by a substantial delegation from China, including the Chinese Ambassador in Israel, Her Excellence Mrs. Gao Yanping.

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