Kicking off our Branding Survey!

In late 2013, realizing the need to reposition the company in order to effectively attract partnerships and promote growth, IDE undertook a rebranding process. A new slogan – ‘Your Water Partners’ – and a new logo and brand design all combine to communicate an evolved message to potential and existing customers, other stakeholders and the wider market.


IDE India’s Head of Marketing, Sanjeev Sharma was awarded the title of Water Icon for the year 2014 by India’s prestigious Water Digest Awards and magazine.

IDE in the Media

More than 35 articles about IDE were published this quarter, and since the beginning of 2014 there have been more than 200.
IDE’s new flagship plants, especially the upcoming Carlsbad project in the US, are receiving a significant amount of media attention at the moment, which makes us really proud.

Social Media

Advertising & Promotion in Social Media

Our Social Media campaign was completely overhauled in 2014.  Since the beginning of the year Web site  traffic has increased dramatically  with more than 180,000 visitors (representing an increase of 245% from 2013)  , we have received over 1133 leads (increase of over 805% from 2013) as a result of various online promotional activities. We are now busy synchronizing our analytic advertising systems with our CRM in order to track relevant business opportunities.

Website localization

IDE’s website now in Chinese!

From the moment IDE set the Chinese market as one of its top business priorities, it was clear that a Chinese website was a must. To realize this goal, we initiated a process of website localization – adapting our website to the Chinese language and culture.