IDE Technologies overcomes challenges of remote Cape Preston project

A world leader in water treatment solutions, IDE Technologies specialises in the development, engineering, construction and operation of advanced desalination and industrial water treatment plants.

IDE partners with a wide range of customers – oil and gas companies, municipalities, mining companies, refineries and power stations – on all aspects of water projects, delivering approximately 3 million cubic metres/day of high-quality water worldwide.

 The oil and gas industry is evolving and, as a result, there are ever-increasing demands for high quality water. Water reuse and desalination technologies have the potential to change the market, especially in the rapidly growing unconventional oil explorations, shale gas and coal bed methane sectors. The heavy oil sector is also investing seriously in recycling produced water for steam-enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

IDE also provides both seawater and brackish water reverse osmosis (SWRO and BWRO) solutions with consistently high availability and minimal maintenance, even in extreme conditions.

In Australia, one of IDE’s recent installations is the Cape Preston project in the Pilbara, which is capable of producing 140,000 cubic metres/day of potable water for CITIC Pacific Mining’s Sino Iron ore mine. Designed to be one of the most electrically and chemically efficient plants in Australia, the Cape Preston plant is the world’s first large-scale desalination plant that was pre-assembled elsewhere due to the remoteness of the location.

IDE delivers produced water treatment solutions for onshore conventional and unconventional oil and gas field production (for example coal seam gas (CSG) and steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD)) that are reliable, robust and economical.

The company’s proven solutions are designed to withstand the rigours of extreme environments while operating at high availability. IDE’s solutions are also designed to be cost-effective, with high energy efficiency as well as low operation and maintenance costs. They feature high-quality materials of construction to increase durability, and they are modular, allowing for easier installation and set-up as well as increased flexibility.

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