Technological Breakthroughs

IDE has an unparalleled track record of technological breakthroughs in desalination and water treatment. We have one of the largest and most experienced R&D teams in the industry, with more than 60 granted patents in the field.

These are some of the most significant, proven innovations that IDE has pioneered that have increased efficiency, economy and reliability, and reduced capex and opex costs as well as environmental impact.

Pressure Centre Design

The pressure centre design installed in large-scale plants such as Sorek, Hadera and Ashkelon, increases the system’s availability and reliability and reduces energy consumption due to the efficiency of large high-pressure pumps and energy recovery devices. It also provides increased flexibility of operation.

The pressure centre design maximizes the benefits of variable production rates during the day since it allows the increase or decrease of the feed pressure to the RO trains. During a decrease in production, all RO trains are kept in operation and the system recovery is decreased without increasing the total feed to the plant. This feature reflects the advantage of the Pressure Centre concept to produce efficiently at low recovery yields, resulting in lower osmotic pressures and furthermore producing at lower permeate fluxes through the entire available membrane area.

Boron Removal System

The process transfers water for a second time through a membrane cascade that removes boron ions to concentrations below 0.3ppm, meeting the requirements imposed by the Israeli Water Desalination Authority (WDA), enhancing the product water for agricultural needs. Patent granted.

Post Treatment Circulation

This is a technology for rehardening permeate and enriching with calcium and carbonate ions. This process allows decreasing volumes of rehardening columns by circulation of a large dose of CO2, and reducing the consumption of soda by the removal of free CO2 from final product in a vacuum degasifaer. Patent pending.

Chemical-Free Desalination

IDE PROGREEN 2IDE PROGREENTM is a genuine environmental breakthrough – the first desalination plant based on a technology that eliminates the use of chemicals, thus avoiding chlorination and dechlorination, and the usage of chemicals in the coagulation process. This cutting-edge technology is based on natural biological coagulation for the pretreatment process, and on Direct Osmosis Cleaning (DOC – see below), for the reverse osmosis desalination process, saving time and money, while minimizing impact on the environment. Patent pending.

Direct Osmosis Cleaning (DOC)

DOC is a form of online backwashing of RO membranes in the seawater desalination process without stopping the high pressure pump or interrupting the desalination process itself, significantly increasing efficiency and enabling a chemical-free process. The osmotic backwash of the membrane provided by equalization of gauge pressure in the feed and permeate stream happens in such a way that osmotic pressure of the seawater sucks up permeate through the membrane, thus providing an extensive cleaning process. Patent granted.

16” Vertical Membranes


16” membranes in a vertical arrangement, as installed in the Sorek plant, allow a reduced footprint of the RO plant. This leads to a reduction in the size of the required RO buildings, and shorter pipelines and cables, hence reducing capex and increasing operational efficiencies. This unique array allows easier membrane installation and safer operation as the operation staffs are not exposed to pressure vessel end-ports. They also significantly increase RO plant availability, due to decreased number of membranes and interconnections. Patent pending.

Spot Cleaner

The Spot Cleaner is a revolutionary new approach to multimedia filtration (MMF) and backwa

sh technology that provides continuous spot cleaning. This technology allows a reduction in the size of backwash tanks, pumps and pipes, reduced height of the MMF to below 3m and significantly reduced capex and opex of seawater filtration. Patent pending.

Optimized Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO)

PRO is a new process that allows the extraction of energy from the difference

between the osmotic pressures of two liquids. IDE has created numerous optimization

s to the PRO process to increase efficiency and reduce cost. For Ocean-River PRO Power Generation IDE redesigned the intake system, revised the pretreatment process, and made changes

in the energy recovery system to be significantly less than industry standard.

IDE has also developed a new PRO/FO membrane arrangement that increases the efficiency of these processes. Here the membrane permeate tube is divided lengthwise and has

such perforations that allow several membranes in the pressure vessel to work in parallel. Pate

nt pending.

Batch PRO Process

IDE has developed a new Batch PRO technology that allows the implementation of standard spiral membranes in a B-PRO process. This allows the use of lower cost standard spiral membranes in place of specially made membranes.
Patent pending.

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