Eco-friendly Refurbishing and Upgrading

Our main goal is the modification of existing water treatment and desalination plants by developing engineering solutions to improve the technological and economic output of the plants.
We exploit the potential of your existing facility and redevelop it according to your actual needs implementing sustainable, innovative & leading edge technological solutions that can also drive your plant towards more efficient and ecological operation.

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The modified design results in a robust, safe and cost-effective design for the benefit of our clients, allowing higher production or lower energy consumption.
You can capitalize on IDE’s operational experience, creativity, profound knowledge of leading technologies and deployment of integrated solutions for refurbishment, upgrade or plant expansion.

Working with IDE allows you to upgrade existing plants and reach tangible results, with minimal disruption to existing operating systems:

  • Increase productivity with limited plant area or budget.
  • Implement innovative and ecological technologies to reduce chemical and energy consumption.

Financial Impact:

  • Minimize additional investment while preserving most of the existing systems.
  • Maximize ROI from your original investment.
  • Tangible savings achieved from higher production at lower operation costs.

IDE’s environmental responsibility is demonstrated by the implementation of innovative and eco-friendly solutions minimizing any impact on natural water sources and the environment.

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