Mining Water Treatment

Providing a reliable and sustainable source of process water while reducing disposal volume

Cape Preston Desalination Plant

As the mining industry grows and as mining technology advances, the demand for more efficient and more economical water supply is substantially increasing and mining water treatments are needed.
IDE provides both seawater and brackish water reverse osmosis (SWRO & BWRO) solutions and process disposal water treatment ideally suited for the mining industry.

Reliable. IDE has a proven track record with mines in Australia, Latin America, South Africa and more for over 3 decades.

Robust. IDE delivers water solutions with consistently very high availability and minimal maintenance even in extreme conditions.

Safe. IDE puts safety first and understands the unique needs of the mining industry, hence our plants adhere to strict safety regulations.

Key benefits of IDE’s Mining Water Treatment Solutions

  • Developed to maximise efficiency and economy with virtually no downtime.
  • Highly cost-effective, reliable operation with low energy consumption for reduced Opex.
  • Zero Liquid Discharge solutions that minimize the cost of disposal and environmental impact and extract the maximum possible economic value from the effluent
  • Modular solutions, ideal for remote locations, dramatically simplify installation in remote locations, reducing civil works and set up costs.
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