Hotels & Resorts Water Treatment

Providing an eco-friendly, easy and economical drinking water solution

The demand for clean water and hotel wastewater treatment from the tourism industry is growing due to more tourists, higher hotel standards and an increase in water-based activities in resorts.
While desalination is widely considered to be the most obvious solution for a shortage of clean potable water for resorts, standard desalination solutions don’t deliver the cost, simplicity and eco-friendly benefits that most resorts demand.

Eco-Friendly. Cost Effective. Safe & Easy.

IDE PROGREENIDE understands that resorts need a unique solution for providing clean water, so has created IDE PROGREEN™.
IDE PROGREEN™ is a modular, containerized reverse osmosis desalination plant that delivers high quality clean water without the use of chemicals and with reduced energy consumption. It provides a complete solution in one neat compact package, in a wide range of capacities from 500m3/day to 20,000m3/day.



  • Minimal infrastructure investment required
  • Modular units for fast & easy installation
  • Operational costs reduced by 10%
  • Fully customizable to a variety of water sources and customer requirements 

Safe & Easy

  • Plug & Play installation
  • No need for chemical handling or disposal permits
  • Easy operation and maintenance

IDE PROGREEN Internal MembranesKey Features

  • Top quality materials of construction
  • Highly efficient energy recovery systems
  • End-to-end modular PLC with 15” touch screen
  • Remote performance monitoring
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