Acid Mine Drainage

Acid Mine Drainage Definition

Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) is a natural phenomenon of a contaminated run-off formed by a chemical reaction between air, water and rocks containing sulfur-bearing minerals (Pyrite). The increased soil excavation of mining activity further accelerates AMD formation.

Acid Mine Drainage Effects on the Environment

Acid mine drainage is a problem because it is usually very acidic, and rich in sulfates, hardness and dissolved heavy metals. The main concerns of regarding acid mine drainage effects on the environment are the contamination of a surface drinking water source or penetration into the local aquifer, but acid mine drainage also has effects on humans.

acid mine drainage






IDE’s  Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Solutions

IDE’s expertise in both membrane and thermal technologies allows it to offer end-to-end solutions for produced water treatment, from water to Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) level. This includes all necessary pretreatment, ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis, evaporators and crystallizers.

Our modular and pre-fabricated solutions for both RO and thermal solutions are easy to install, with minimal on-site set up, and are particularly suited for remote locations.

Offering Unique Benefits to our Partners

  • End-to-end solution, from water to a full ZLD solution
  • Full process guarantee
  • Robust and reliable solutions for difficult effluents
  • Modular, pre-fabricated solutions
  • Minimal energy and chemical consumption
  • Custom design process to meet the most stringent discharge limitations
  • Easy to operate with fewer personnel required, thus further reducing operating costs
  • Pre-assembled and tested prior to delivery

 Acid Mine Drainage Process Flow Diagram:

Acid Mine Drainage Process Flow Diagram


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