Petrochemical Wastewater Treatment

The power and petrochemical industries are the greatest consumers of water worldwide, making industrial water and wastewater treatment a significant challenge for development and growth.

The water is consumed by cooling tower and process usage, where cooling tower blowdown and wastewater are generated. Evolving regulations and fresh water scarcity are pushing the industry to high water recovery and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solutions.

petrochemical wastewater treatment

Offering Unique Benefits to our Partners

  • End-to-end solutions, fully customizable to a variety of water sources and customer requirements
  • High recovery of wastewater and cooling tower blowdown for reuse onsite
  • Advanced and cost effective thermal technology for reduction of waste volume and ZLD
  • Treatment of solids, waste and sludge
  • Meeting strict regulatory requirements for discharge levels
  • Reducing the fresh water intake by implementing water reuse technologies

IDE Offers Solutions for the Following Applications:

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