Produced Water

what is produced water?

The worldwide decline in conventional Oil & Gas reserves is focusing the energy sector towards the development of unconventional reserves. However, unconventional oil and gas production requires large quantities of water. This “produced water” has highly challenging physical and chemical properties, which can vary significantly throughout the production lifespan. Evolving regulations and fresh water scarcity are pushing the industry to treat and re-use this produced water , which means the establishment of reliable, sustainable and cost-effective produced water treatment solutions is fundamental for achieving successful, long-lasting operations.

IDE – Offering Unique Benefits to our Partners

  • End-to-end solutions that are fully customizable to a variety of water sources and customer requirements
  • High recovery of produced water for reuse onsite, reducing fresh water intake and meeting strict regulatory requirements
  • Advanced and cost effective thermal technology for reduction of waste volume, and ZLD
  • Modular units, reducing on-site installation time and cost
  • Lower energy consumption, reducing operational costs

IDE offers solutions for the following industries and applications:

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)
  • Coal Seam Gas (CSG)


Case Study:

Wintershall, Germany: over 20 years of produced water treatment, operating at 98% availability

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