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A unique opportunity to tour Sorek & meet IDE professionals

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Day before WATEC ’17 - September 11 , 9am-12:30pm

Don’t miss this free tour of the world’s largest and most advanced SWRO desalination plant. Designed and constructed by IDE, Sorek delivers 624,000m3 of fresh water per day and features a number of technological breakthroughs – 16” membranes in a vertical arrangement, Pressure Center Design, unique Energy Recovery System and double line intake. This tour takes you behind the scenes and you will be able to explore this unique plant with the people who built it.

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Tour & Presentation Schedule:

Meet IDE professionals for lectures on our applied innovative technologies:

Opportunities versus challenges of Mega-Sized RO Desalination Plants

Jacky Ben Yaish - VP Engineering

Jacky's biography

Jacky joined IDE originally in 1993 as a Process Engineer. After a short break, he returned to IDE as Manager of the Detailed Design department, and before being appointed VP Engineering in 2016, he served as the company's Engineering Manager. Today Jacky bears overall responsibility for the engineering design of all IDE products, including both thermal and RO desalination, with the thermal and membrane process departments, as well as the detailed engineering, falling under his responsibility. Jacky has been closely involved in the engineering of the company's leading mega projects around the world, among them the Sorek, Carlsbad, Tianjin, and Jamnagar plants. Jacky brings 23 years of experience in desalination to the management table, from all aspects of the project – process, detailed design and project management. His across the board experience in all stages of project, from design through to commissioning and operation, provides an unparalleled understanding of complex water treatment projects. He has a broad understanding of alliancing and risk/reward compensation processes associated with alliance. Jacky is a graduate of Ben Gurion University with Bachelor and Master Degrees in Mechanical Engineering. He also has an MBA from Bar Ilan University, majoring in financing.

Water reuse - an essential part of sustainable water management

Lior Eshed - Product Manager


Lior leads the water reuse process team, and is the product manager, at IDE Technologies. He is a process engineer with significant expertise in the field of membrane technology, and also has a broad range of knowledge of other technologies, such as membrane bioreactors, sludge treatment, log removal and more.

The future of high recovery water treatment and brine management

Alex Derk - Senior Process Engineer, RO Dept

Alex's biography

As one of IDE's senior process engineers, Alex has led the process engineering teams in several projects of different sizes in thermal and membrane technologies, as well as industrial water treatment projects. He has more than 15 years of experience in water treatment, with particular expertise in industrial water treatment. Alex has significant expertise in the field of membrane desalination, particularly in the retrofit and expansion of existing desalination plants, as well as a broad range of knowledge of other water treatment technologies and water types including seawater, industrial and wastewater. In his day-to-day work Alex combines process engineering, from the stage of solution development through to the end-product stage, with the development of new processes, R&D, and chemical and technical support, both in Israel and abroad.

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