Operation & Maintenance Contracts

IDE has a long track record of successful operation and maintenance management of sorekdesalination and water treatment plants around the world. IDE also offers these services for plants that were not built by IDE, and we are glad to share our experience and knowhow for the benefit of our clients, enabling stable and optimized plant operation that delivers high quality water at low costs.

With water sales contracts, IDE’s O&M allows the client to delegate all management and maintenance responsibility to our dedicated team.

Parts of the O&M can also be provided in addition to Water Sale as Long term Operation and Maintenance services, Periodic On-site Inspection, Remote Plant Operation Supervision Services and Preparation and Implementation of Maintenance Plans.

Operation is effectively managed by technically qualified and experienced personnel, in compliance with local standards and regulations, assuring health and safety of the employees. A multidisciplinary back office team supports O&M site teams and provides technological solutions for changing and unexpected conditions and requirements.

Successful O&M management around the world:

  • SWRO
    • Larnaca, 65,000 m3/d, since 2001 to 2012
    • Ashkelon, 396,000 m3/d, since 2005
    • Hadera, 525,000 m3/d, since 2009
    • Sorek, 624,000 m3/d, since 2013
    • Carlsbad, 204,412 m3/d, commissioning date: 2015
  • MED
    • St Thomas, 15,300 m3/d, since 1981 to 2012
    • St Croix, 14,320 m3/d, since 1982 to 2013
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