Chemical-Free Desalination Technology

IDE’s chemical-free desalination technology is designed to produce clean water from standard seawater without the use of any chemicals. This technology is based on two concepts: Contact Media Coagulation and Direct Osmosis Cleaning.

Contact Media Coagulation

Standard RO desalination uses chlorine to eliminate bacteria before filtration. In addition to the chemicals introduced at the start of the process, additional chemicals are required to neutralize the chlorine. Furthermore, this process does not eliminate all bacteria.

Contact Media Coagulation allows the bacteria to grow and gather together with other suspended matter into flocs that are then filtered out of the water by multi-media filtration. IDE has developed unique technology that harnesses this process so that it’s consistent and thorough, eliminating all bacteria present.

DOC – Direct Osmosis Cleaning

DOC is a patented, automatic process to keep the membranes constantly clean. By equalizing the external pressures for a short period, the DOC allows the osmosis process to flush the membranes with permeate water, thus eliminating the need for chemicals in the RO process. The results are reduced energy consumption and maintenance requirements, as well as cost savings.

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