Business Models

Equipment Sale

The customer usually buys the plant from an IDE PROGREEN™ distributor who is responsible for all services, including installation, operation and maintenance. The plant is sold with a one-year warranty (an extended two-year warranty is available).


IDE offers a leasing option for two, three or five years. At the end of the leasing period the customer receives full ownership of the plant. Installation, operation and maintenance services are offered separately by IDE’s local distributor.

Water Sale

In the Water Sale business scheme IDE assumes responsibility for all aspects of the water delivery. This includes production, delivery, installation, and commissioning of the plant on site, and may also include all infrastructure works on site such as intake system and civil engineering works. The plant is then operated by IDE and the customer is charged by IDE on a periodic basis for capital expenditure, fixed plant operating expenses and a variable fee depending on the amount of water produced.

IDE supports its customers with a full documentation package including installation guide, civil engineering layout, O&M manual etc.

On site support will be given either by IDE or by our local distributor

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