Upgrading RO plants for Ecological Operation

img5The operation of existing RO plants can be upgraded by partial or total elimination of chemicals in the different sections of the process.

Based on the existing plant design and the operation data, innovative technologies can be implemented in the different plant areas such as the intake system, the pretreatment and RO sections or the post treatment.

Reduced use of chemicals improves the economy of the plant by reducing operation costs and increasing reliability, while reducing energy consumption.


  • Simplifies RO plant operation
  • Reduces downtime and increases water production time
  • Increases RO plant availability.
  • Decreases manpower for cleaning and maintenance
  • Reduces risk of RO plant malfunction


  • Eliminates use of harsh chemicals and biocides
  • Eliminates use of chemicals for CIP, and subsequently the disposal of the spend chemicals

 Technological & Cost Effectiveness:

  • Lowers power consumption
  • Decreases chemical consumption
  • Decreases permeate conductivity
  • Reduces the feed pressure and the pressure drop
  • Lengthens membrane life
  • Reduces O&M costs
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