Affordable water for industry

Water Reuse with built in flexibility

IDE’s SARP treatment can purify water to different levels:

03Medium Quality Reused Water

Non-potable water that is suitable for ash removal, coal watering, die washing etc.




High Quality Reused Water

Highly purified water, which passes through two types of membranes, suitable for industrial high quality applications such as cooling tower makeup water (for power plants, refineries, steel manufacturing, etc.) fracking water and other chemical and industrial process water.

02Ultra High Quality Reused Water

This reuse stream undergoes the extra purification of Reverse Osmosis and Electro-Deionization (EDI) and can serve as high pressure boiler feed water or as feed water for clean manufacturing environments etc.

A reused water source may prove more affordable than regular surface water or groundwater, as the source of the water is the nearby Wastewater Treatment Plant – dramatically reducing water transportation costs.

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