SARP – Ideal for Direct or Indirect Water Reuse

After being treated by the full SARP process and post treatment of oxidation, UV and chlorination, water is completely safe for drinking. Actually, it is probably safer than the water currently streaming out of your kitchen faucet. The water is odourless, clean of any biological or chemical contamination and free of any bacteria or hormones. In fact it is plain and pure fresh water

In Singapore and in Namibia, reused water has provided safe, clean water to the general population for over 10 years using a process called Direct Potable Reuse (or DPR), which feeds cleaned water direct into the water supply.

Indirect Potable Reuse (or IPR) sends purified water back into the groundwater aquifer or surface water reservoir following purification.

Whichever process is suitable, DPR or IPR, IDE’s SARP treatment will supply a new source of highly purified water fit for drinking, at a very affordable cost, with minimal energy consumption and minimal chemicals involved.

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