Project Types

Flexible Structures to Meet Customer Needs

With close to 50 years of project experience, IDE has built hundreds of desalination plants for customers under all types of contract frameworks, creating a track record unmatched by any other company.

Working with government agencies, municipal utilities, resorts, power utilities, refineries, mines, nuclear power stations and many other industries, IDE has developed the ability to truly understand the operational and financial needs of its clients. As a result, IDE is equally comfortable functioning as an equipment supplier, turnkey project integrator, sub-contractor or other requirements for all types of desalination and industrial water treatment projects.

In fact, IDE prides itself on its track record of successful co-operation with developers, contractors, operators and joint venture partners. IDE views these smooth-functioning partnerships as the key to its consistent record of delivering complex projects on-time, within-budget and to spec.

We Deliver in Different Ways to Meet Customer Needs


In Engineering/Procurement/Construction and Turnkey contracts, IDE assumes responsibility for all project phases until the plant is up and running, including engineering, manufacturing, delivery of equipment to site, supervision of erection, civil and marine works, commissioning and start-up. IDE has deployed hundreds of water treatment plants on a full or partial EPC/Turnkey basis, representing a total production capacity of approximately 3 million m3/day.


In Engineering/Procurement/Support Services contracts, IDE assumes responsibilities for the design and procurement phases of the project including support services, as demonstrated in the Cape Preston plant in Australia, and the Carlsbad plant in CA, USA.

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Water Sales (BOT/PPP/BOO)

IDE’s partnership models are designed to help customers manage risk and reduce water cost. Through PPP (Public Private Partnership) structures, the customer, who may have limited experience in the construction, operation, maintenance and finance of massive desalination and industrial water treatment projects, transfers risk to experts with the skills required to plan, manage, execute and operate these complex undertakings.

Possible models include joint ventures, strategic partnerships, Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT), Build-Operate-Own (BOO), Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and others. Within these frameworks, IDE accepts responsibility for building the project (including securing required financing), and then operating the facility under a long-term concession (ranging from 10-30 years) after which the plant is transferred to the customer.

Contracts usually include the sale of the water produced by the plant to governmental and municipal customers for a fixed price established in the contract. Over the past 15 years, IDE has taken on BOT projects of increasing size and complexity, each breaking previous records for desalination capacity and desalinated water prices.

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Operations & Service Support

Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

IDE has a long track record of successful operation and maintenance management of desalination and water treatment plants around the world. IDE also offers these services for plants that have not been built by IDE and we are glad to share our experience and know how for the benefit our clients, enabling stable and optimized plant operation that delivers high quality water at low costs.

With water sales contracts, IDE’s O&M allows the client to delegate all management and maintenance responsibility to our dedicated team.

Effective operational management is performed by technically qualified and experienced personnel under local standards and regulations, assuring health and safety of their employees.

A multidisciplinary back office team supports O&M site teams and provides technological solutions for changing and unexpected conditions and requirements.

IDE’s environmental responsibility is demonstrated by the implementation of innovative and eco-friendly solutions minimizing any impact on natural water sources and the environment.

Plant Operation Analysis and Consulting

IDE also works together with plant operators to optimize their plant performance, improve water quality and reduce energy and consumables consumption. This saves personnel time and operational costs.

IDE services include:

  • Site Inspection and trouble shooting
  • Comprehensive design review
  • Operation and maintenance review
  • Preparation of techno-economic optimization analysis
  • Practical recommendations report for the improvement of plant performance and operation costs.
  • Engineering design and construction
  • Equipment delivery
  • Laboratory, jar tests and pilot services
  • Operators training

We know that working together on challenges like these delivers results. Combining the profound knowledge the operator has of the plant together with IDE’s expertise can result in new solutions to established problems such as recurrent equipment malfunction or increased efficiencies. IDE’s operation analysis and consulting services deliver tangible results.

Refurbishment and Retrofit Services

IDE’s refurbishment and retrofit services modify existing water treatment and desalination plants by developing engineering solutions that improve their technological and economic output. The modified designs result in higher production and/or lower energy consumption, always using a safe and cost-effective design.

Specific stages:

  • Design Stage: First we understand what needs to be achieved and then create a Plant Performance Optimization Plan. Our targets are either improved technological and economic output, higher production capacity or lower energy consumption, all of which can lead to significantly lower costs.
  • Construction and Project Execution Stage: IDE’s vast project implementation experience ensures high quality projects and delivered on time and within budget. Our rigorous quality assurance procedures for all purchased and self-manufactured materials and equipment result in low maintenance costs and enhanced profits.

Spare Parts Service

IDE’s profound expertise with the operation of technological equipment allows us to advise on the selection of the most suitable equipment with the highest engineering standards.

Customers benefit from our economies of scale as the IDE procurement team purchases thousands of items from dozens of vendors, and delivers them on time at the lowest possible costs.

Our process and mechanical engineering departments can find the best alternative for your needs and requirements.

Chemicals Service

IDE offers a full chemical portfolio for anti-scalants, anti-foam and any other chemical product required for the operation of water treatment and desalination plants.

Our chemical optimization services are based on a comprehensive chemical utilization analysis, including raw water characterization by Jar Tests and laboratory analysis for the determination of chemicals specification, dosage rates and dosing equipment specifications. IDE’s extensive experience in SWRO plant design and operations allows us to take the data derived from the analysis and use it to improve the engineering of the operating system.

We also offer the installation of complete chemical dosing systems specially designed to your specific site conditions and requirements.

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