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The Next Generation of Water Reuse Technology

We all know that water is a precious commodity. Purifying and treating municipal wastewater using IDE’s purification process, and turning it into high quality water for potable or industrial uses is safe and environmentally friendly, and save energy.

Water Reuse as an industry has been around for many years but the core technology and process hasn’t changed significantly. Until now.

IDE SARP technology enables safe water reuse using the lowest possible amount of energy, and with significantly lower environmental impact.

Energy consumed can be lower than the energy consumed for ground-water pumping and piping, and utilizes low levels of purification chemicals (detergents) that are comparable to the amounts used today for purifying tap water. The rejected brine and sludge from IDE’s SARP process are also utilised to produce energy (methane gas) and organic fertilisers, so the process is virtually waste-free.

reuse5IDE’s Sustainable Advanced Reclamation Process (SARP) Technology – environmentally superior water reclamation

At IDE we care for the environment, so SARP is designed to operate with very low energy consumption (thus creating less CO2 emission), and with minimal chemicals used in the process. Our current development efforts are aimed at Zero Chemical Usage.

Instead of polluting the nearby ocean front or river with wastewater, the outputs of IDE’s SARP are:

  • Purified water (for drinking or industrial use)
  • Energy
  • Compost (solids)

Key Features of SARP

Keeps capital expenditure and operational costs at record low levels with significant innovations:

  • Uses the lowest possible amount of energy whilst maintaining the highest standards of water quality
  • Removes organic content better than current systems due to advanced carbon filters. Organic content level of our reused water is lower than that of tap water.
  • Proven, robust, filtration system that can handle high levels of total suspended solids (TSS).
  • Chemical-free pretreatment reduces environmental impact
  • Effective Reverse Osmosis process that purifies the water to high purity levels, including a patented solution for continuous membrane cleaning to prevent membrane fouling and maintain low energy consumption.
  • Additional high-level purification is also available for pure industrial purposes (Second pass RO and/or EDI) or for potable use (Oxidation).

Unique Features of SARP Technology

  • Robust TSS and total organic carbon (TOC) removal
  • Effective Activated-Carbon based removal of dissolved organic carbon (DOC).
  • Unique fast and frequent flushing mechanism for reverse osmosis membranes maintains consistent performance and eliminates the need for the cleaning chemicals used in traditional systems
  • Highly efficient method for pressure energy recovery
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