December 2017  |  Alex Drak, Ph.D

The Latest in Brine Management

A free webinar by Alex Drak, Ph.D, senior process engineers IDE Technologies

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September 2017  |  Tomer Efrat

The Latest Breakthroughs in Utilizing Waste Heat for Desalination and Water Treatment

A free webinar by Tomer Efrat, Process Engineering Manager, IDE Technologies

July 2017  |  Dror Aloni

The latest technological breakthrough in driving efficient water supply for mining

A free webinar by Dror Aloni, Commercial Solution Manager, IDE Technologies

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May 2017  |  Jacky Ben Yaish

Optimizing resources for mega-size desalination plants

A free webinar by Jacky Ben Yaish, VP Engineering IDE Technologies

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December 2016  |  Rani Meerovitch

BOT Desalination Projects and their Financing in a Nutshell

A free webinar by Rani Meerovitch. Director, Special Projects IDE Technologies

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September 2016  |  Boaz Keinan

The Future of Desalination Plant Design

A free webinar by Boaz Keinan, the head of IDE’s RO Process Dept.

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June 2016  |  Yaniv Schmidt

The Latest Thinking on Industrial Water Treatment

A unique chance to learn about the latest technology breakthroughs for industrial water treatment in mining, power, oil & gas and more.

April 2016  |  Jacky Ben Yaish

Discover how robust pretreatment assures trouble free RO operation

A unique chance to learn about the latest technology breakthroughs that address highly contaminated seawater, directly from the world’s leading desalination company.

February 2016  |  Miriam Faigon

Opportunities versus challenges of Mega-Sized RO Desalination Plants

A unique chance to learn from the world’s most experienced company in large scale desalination plants. Miriam Faigon has championed the development of some of the largest plants and is among the leading global experts in this field.

October 2015  |  Tomer Efrat

Choosing the Best Desalination Technology for your Project

A seminar that will look at the advantages of the various seawater desalination technologies available today and examine the factors that affect the CAPEX and OPEX of each technology.

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