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The World’s Most Advanced Thermal Desalination Technology The MED approach implements the advanced technologies and know-how developed by IDE to achieve exceptional thermal efficiency and reliability. Its underlying concept is a multi-effect process in which a spray of seawater is repeatedly evaporated and then condensed, with each effect at a lower temperature and pressure. This highly efficient process multiplies the quantity of pure water that can be produced using a given quantity of energy, resulting in a significant reduction in cost.
Thermal Desalination – Mechanical Vapour Compression (MVC) Solutions for Seawater Our MVC plants use waste steam to generate electricity. This means operational costs are reduced and less steam is released into the environment. The MVC unit is a reliable, cost-effective desalination solution for refineries, process industries, power stations and remote development sites – perfect for when electricity is the only source of power.
Zero Liquid Discharge
Efficient waste management and disposal is the cornerstone of sustainable development. With increasingly stringent regulations on sea, river, and deep well injection, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is the ideal solution for brine treatment and wastewater discharge ZLD provides a complete closed loop cycle in which discharge is eliminated and environmental regulations met.
Brine Management
All desalination technologies produce the same byproduct – concentrate or brine. The amount varies depending on the source of the water source being desalinated. Seawater desalination plants produce more brine – almost 50 percent of the feed water. This is less in brackish water desalination plants – the brine constitutes between 15 percent and 30 percent of the feed. Increasing regulatory pressure, growing environmental awareness and more and larger membrane desalination plant are driving the need for better brine minimization – one of the greatest challenges currently facing the water treatment sector.
Operation & Maintenance
Our vision is to be our clients’ first and main source for technical service support in desalination and water treatment. IDE is now making all its vast experience in Operations and Maintenance available to plants that were not constructed by IDE. Meeting client requirements, while achieving high technical and financial plant performance, are our main goals.
Addressing the growing world water demand by reusing municipal wastewater, IDE Eco-Reuse offers a safer process for producing high quality potable water for either indirect potable reuse (IPR – aquifer recharge, irrigation or industrial supply) or direct potable reuse (DPR). IDE Eco-Reuse process guarantees a safer and cost effective reuse process by implementing unique IDE proprietary technologies. IDE Eco-Reuse process can be implemented in new reuse facilities, or retrofitted in existing water reuse facilities to improve process sustainability and produce safer product water.
Chemical-Free Reverse Osmosis Desalination IDE PROGREENTM is a unique, eco-friendly, cost effective SWRO desalination that eliminates the need for chemicals. Bringing high quality, clean water to a variety of resorts and industries, IDE PROGREENTM provides an end-to-end solution (pretreatment, reverse osmosis and post treatment) in one simple to use, safe package.
Recent IDE innovations in RO technology, such as IDE’s 16” membranes in a vertical array and the pressure center design, have significantly decreased the overall cost of desalination using this technology. This has made SWRO a more economically viable solution to water scarcity, and in more situations than before. IDE has achieved a continuous increase in desalination capacities of large-scale plants, while dramatically reducing desalinated water costs, especially in BOT projects. This unmatched record has made IDE the clear leader of the world desalination market in general, and mega-size seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) in particular.