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IDE Technologies Awarded EPC Contract for Aconcagua Desalination Plant in Chile

We’re excited to share that IDE will engineer, supply, construct, start-up and commission a seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant to bring the first drought-proof source of fresh water to the Aconcagua basin, a drought-stricken region of Chile.

The Aconcagua Desalination Plant will join the list of hundreds of IDE-engineered desalination plants worldwide, including more than 20 operating successfully in Chile. Located in the bay of Quintero, the plant will have a nominal production capacity of 86,400 m3/day (1,000 liters per second) and serve municipal, agricultural, industrial and mining clients in Chile’s Valparaiso Region.

Project Aconcagua is the first permanent, secure and sustainable multi-client non-continental fresh water source for this region. The plant will be constructed in accordance with Chile’s stringent environmental requirements and regulations.