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IDE Technologies invites Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce to Tour Hadera Desalination Plant

We’re excited to announce that after a long year and a half, we’ve revived our in-person tours, opening doors to ambassadors and representatives from India, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.


IDE, together with the ambassadors, countries representatives, and the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce, strive to solve today’s increasingly crucial clean water challenges by leveraging and promoting our cooperation to strengthen our relations between countries.

During the day-long event, CEO of IDE Assets, Gal Zohar spoke in a session: “The Future is Now: Introduction to the company and the range of IDE business activities”. This session aimed to provide the ambassadors and the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce management with an overview of IDE business activities and an insight into the development, engineering, construction, and operation of enhanced small to mega-size sea and brackish water desalination facilities, industrial water treatment, and water reuse plants.

Additionally, the group discussed the variety of technological solutions accessible to enable entrepreneurship collaboration of large desalination projects across different countries. In addition, the conversation highlighted where IDE can support these endeavors. Together, the group aimed to increase the availability of fresh and clean water across countries for years to come.

Following both sessions, the representatives, ambassadors, and the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce management completed an onsite tour of the Hadera Desalination Plant. This plant is recognized as one of the world’s leading Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) desalination plants and is setting a new standard for one of the lowest-ever costs for high-quality desalinated water in Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) projects worldwide. An innovative plant boasting an extremely narrow footprint, it uses our proprietary Pressure Center Design, Boron Removal System and other unique technologies to increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption and provide clean, potable water for over one million people in Israel.

We want to extend a huge thank you to all ambassadors and representatives from India, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce management who visited our Hadera Desalination Plant. We look forward to our continued partnerships to bring clean water to all our countries.

To learn more about our Hadera Desalination Plant, click here.

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