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IDE Technologies Secures Bid for Cherokee Metropolitan District Water Reuse Installation

IDE will commission a water reuse installation, using MAXH2O-PFRO technology, to aid the Cherokee Metropolitan District in lowering its dissolved solids discharge.

The Cherokee Metropolitan District will be the largest MAXH2O-PFRO installation to date for IDE, including 3×0.6 MGD trains. The solution will offer the high recovery that is needed in the district in order to minimize the volume of produced RO brine – currently being managed by membrane bioreactor.

The new plant design uses a 9 MGD MBR and a 1.9 MGD high-recovery RO, designed to enable the RO permeate to be mixed with the MBR filtrate, which will help dilute the final effluent below the 400 mg/L permit level. With brine management being a critical factor in the RO design, currently being addressed using evaporation ponds with a substantial footprint, it became evident that high recovery of 90-95% was needed in order to minimize the volume of produced RO brine.

IDE’s MAXH2O-PFRO technology, developed and tested by IDE specifically for reuse applications and high recovery needs, offers a single stage RO-based ultra-high recovery solution of up to 95%. The solution incorporates unique and advanced biofouling reduction capabilities, eliminating the need for chlorination of the feed water, a compact design of 3×0.6 MGD trains and a single stage of PFRO, replacing the current two to three stages of RO.

IDE was selected out of a group of strong candidates because of our vast experience in managing challenging water chemistry, and our ability to install at faster, lower rates. We are proud to lead the charge in installing a more advanced, high-recovery RO reuse solution on a global scale. The project is set to begin in 2021.