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IDE VIM All Weather Snow Maker: Helping Snow-Based Businesses at All Temperatures

Applicable technology makes high-quality, environmentally-friendly snow regardless of temperatures

As global warming raises average temperatures, snow-based businesses are greatly impacted. With snow becoming a rarer occurrence, ski slopes need a way to guarantee they have a steady supply of it –even if peak ski season experiences unusually high temperatures. IDE Technologies’ VIM All Weather Snow Maker makes this possible for any snow-related situation – from receding glaciers to adventure sports.

A unique technology based on proprietary Vacuum Ice Maker technology, the solution helps businesses meet a rising demand for snow in an environmentally-friendly way. Unlike other snow-production solutions that require below freezing air temperatures and depend on climatic conditions such as humidity and wind, IDE’s VIM All Weather Snow Maker is agile. It is capable of producing up to 1120 tons per day of high quality snow at all ambient temperatures and with low power consumption, making it a more efficient option.

Since leveraging this technology, Zermatt Resort in Switzerland has experienced a significant increase in the length of its snow-covered ski pass. Now, the resort’s ski season can last 365 days a year – keeping customers happy and business running.

Do you need snow year-round? Check out how IDE’s VIM All Weather Snow Maker can help.