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Carlsbad has won the prestigious Desalination Plant of the Year 2016

We’re delighted to announce that Carlsbad has won the prestigious Desalination Plant of the Year 2016 at the Global Water Awards.


This plant is the largest desalination plant in the Americas and will be a complete game changer for desalination in the US. It provides clean water to about 300,000 people and generates over $50m annually to the regional economy. The plant overcame significant practical, regulatory and economic hurdles to deliver a cost effective and environmentally friendly water supply. IDE and its partners worked for more than 10 years to develop a desalination solution that meets all the challenging criteria.

The award committee said this:

The successful completion of the largest desalination plant in North America followed years of seemingly insurmountable technical, financial and legal hurdles. The tenacity shown by the developer team is matched only by the importance of seawater desalination as a key part of the solution to California’s water crisis.  Carlsbad demonstrates a canny combination of state-of-the art energy recovery technology with an external energy offsetting programme that makes it the first major infrastructure project in the state of California to completely neutralise its carbon footprint.

Carlsbad is a result of the successful collaboration of many partners and IDE is proud to have designed, supplied and installed all the desalination equipment.

The Carlsbad Desalination Plant is developed and owned by Poseidon Water.