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Reliable, Robust & Economical Water Treatment Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Water Treatment

IDE understands that the oil & gas industry has evolving and ever-increasing demands for high quality water. Desalination and water reuse technologies have the potential to step change the market, especially in the rapidly growing unconventional oil explorations, the shale gas and coal bed methane sectors. The heavy oil sector is investing heavily in recycling produced water for steam enhanced oil recovery (EOR). for example, in Canada’s oil sands, perhaps one of the largest oil reserves in the world.

IDE delivers produced water treatment solutions for onshore conventional and unconventional (i.e. CSG, SAGD, etc.) oil & gas field production that are reliable, robust and economical.

Reliable. IDE delivers some of the most dependable oil and gas water treatment solutions in the industry, proven over time to consistently deliver.

  • The Wintershall project in the Eimlichheim Oil Field, Germany, has been operating for over 20 years with minimum maintenance and consistently high delivery.
  • Reliance and Essar in India have been operating IDE’s MED desalination plants continuously for the last decade, with high efficiency leading to reduced costs.

Robust. IDE’s solutions are designed to withstand the rigors of extreme Essar while still operating at high availability.

Economical. With high energy efficiency and low operation and maintenance costs, IDE’s solutions are designed to be cost-effective. They feature high quality materials of construction to increase durability and are modular, allowing for easier installation and setup, as well as increased flexibility.

Key Benefits of IDE’s Oil & Gas Water Treatment Solutions

  • High water recovery compliant with disposal & water regulations
  • Safe and reliable continuous operation
  • Eco-friendly solutions to minimize environmental impact
  • Compact size for reduced footprint and Capex
  • Remote control operation and monitoring
  • Modular solution for reduced installation and commissioning cost
  • On-field operation and long term support services
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