Reliable and economical water treatment solutions for the power industry


Water consumption by the power industry is forecast to double by 2035 due to the increasing global consumer demand for energy, especially in China and India.

Because of that, the power industry needs water treatment solutions that meet emission regulations and deliver maximum use of existing resources.

Reliable. Sustainable. Economical.

IDE has the experience, in depth knowledge and technologies to partner with the energy industry to deliver reliable, sustainable and economical desalination and water treatment solutions. IDE provides advanced SWRO and thermal desalination solutions, as well as cooling tower blowdown treatment solutions to the power and energy industry. These are end-to-end solutions that meet the high availability requirements for mission critical systems. They deliver high quality water at reduced operational cost, while adhering to the stringent environmental regulations, including waste discharge, CO2 and clean air.

Reliable. IDE is the industry leader in providing a reliable water source for boiler and cooling tower make-up, using proven thermal and membrane technologies. There are many IDE plants that have been in continuous operation for more than 30 years with minimal downtime.

Sustainable. IDE has an eco-friendly approach to wastewater effluents and Zero Liquid Discharge capabilities.

Economical. IDE’s solutions deliver superior performance with low energy and chemical consumption. Our plants are designed to deliver higher energy efficiency and lower operation and maintenance costs to boost cost effectiveness.

Key benefits of IDE’s power solutions

  • Integrated solutions for Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) and water re-use
  • High quality design and materials of construction built to last
  • Low maintenance – automated design and controls
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Fully customizable to a variety of water sources and customer requirements
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