Wastewater Treatment

Cost effective | Eco-friendly

Eco-Reuse, Safer, Better Water

Addressing the world growing water demand by reusing municipal wastewater, IDE Eco-Reuse offers safer process for producing high quality potable water for either indirect potable reuse (IPR – aquifer recharge, irrigation or industrial supply) or direct potable reuse (DPR).

IDE Eco-Reuse process implementation guarantees safer and cost effective reuse process by implementing IDE’s unique proprietary technologies.
IDE Eco-Reuse process can be implemented in new reuse facilities, or for retrofitting existing water reuse facilities to improve process sustainability and produce safer product water.

Eco-Friendly, Cost Effective Process

IDE’s Eco-Reuse process uses a safe preventive maintenance approach that maintains the system constantly clean, eliminating the need for chloramine dosage and increasing the intervals between CIP. This increases the system efficiency, as well as minimizes its environmental impact.

  • Direct Osmosis High Salinity (DOHS)
    Injection of a short pulse of concentrated salt causes bacteria dehydration
    Backwash of the membrane surface by forward osmosis
    Rapid increase in cross flow velocity
  • Conservation – periodic flushing of the membrane with permeate to dissolve scaling

Safer product –
no NDMA formation
High availability
CAPEX & OPEX Savings
Lower chemical consumption
Lower energy consumption

reuse membrance

IDE’s Eco-Reuse Water Purifying Process

reuse process

The Story of Central Coast Blue – Advanced Water Purification Demo Facility

Central Coast Blue (CCB) is a regional recycled water project that is developing a sustainable water supply to protect the Santa Maria Groundwater Basin. The recent drought led to an implementation of the Regional Groundwater Sustainability Project and highlighted the need for a sustainable, drought-proof reliable source of water supply for future extended droughts.

In April 2017, IDE offered CCB a unique opportunity for partnership to demonstrate a new Eco-Reuse process able to provide a safer purifying process, more eco-friendly and cost effective. The process has been successfully running since early 2018, demonstrating production of safer and higher quality water.

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