The MVC: 38 Years of Experience

This paper describes the development of large capacity high efficiency MVC and the accumulated experience of this process in power utilities, refineries and the industrial sector.

Fredi Lokiec, Executive Vice President, Special Projects – IDE Technologies Ltd.

The Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) is among the most efficient distillation processes. It achieves its high efficiency in a simple manner, producing a high quality distillate. Since 1969 with the installation of IDE’s first commercial MVC plant, circa of 260 units have been installed world-wide in single and multieffect configuration. In Spain alone, over 70 units have been installed in tourist resorts, municipalities, ports, industries, refineries and power stations. These types of plants have a capacity of up to 3,000 m3 /day in one single unit (easily expandable to larger capacities in modular installations), operating with an electrically driven mechanical compressor. They have a remarkable record for simple and economical operation at low electrical consumption, supplying highpurity and deareated water, making them ideal for refineries, a large range of high quality water consuming industries and power stations, where a stable and reliable source of process and boiler feed water is of essence. The experience accumulated with the commercial MVC plants shows that these plants have superior technological characteristics, providing long term operation under remarkable stable conditions. Scale formation and corrosion are minimal or absent, these factors leading to exceptionally high plant availabilities of 96% – 98%! Since IDE’s foundation, intensive research and development have been devoted to further improving the MVC process, by increasing unit capacities and reducing energy consumption.

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